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Clumped isotope resources

iDeal Group: Isotopologues in Diagenetic Environments and the Lithosphere. This community is mainly focused on applying clumped isotopes on carbonates from diagenetic environment, hydrothermal systems, cements, burial environment, etc... The coordinators of the iDeal group are Cédric John, Kate Huntington and Ben Passey. The iDeal group is open to all, registration is free, and the goal is to build a long-lasting community to share knowledge on clumped isotopes between researchers and industry. The website can be found here.

Clumpy Wiki: the clumpy wiki is a wiki maintained by Mathieu Däron and dedicated to clumped isotopes, where recepies and "know how" are shared amongst members. Joining the clumpy wiki is free, and can be done here.

Collection of clumped isotope papers: if you own Papers for Mac or for Window, and are registered to Lifve (free registration), then you might be interested in joining the free clumped isotope paper collection. Simply click here to access the collection. The Lifve collection is here for papers to be shared, comments on the papers to be made, and exchange of ideas about given papers.