Clumped isotope workshop 2011



  August 10-12, 2011, London, UK






The 2nd International Workshop on Clumped isotopes was held at Imperial College on August 10th and 11th, in the heart of London and minutes away from the Royal Albert Hall and the Natural History Museum.The workshop was co-organised by Imperial College London (Cedric John) and the University of East Anglia (Paul Dennis).

The goal of the workshop was to gather all researchers working or intending to work on clumped isotope, to exchange practical knowledge on the technique, and to work towards inter-laboratory calibrations and standardisation of the methods.

A total of 98 participants registered to the workshop. The participants came from 17 different countries, representing 40 different universities and 11 companies. The next workshop on clumped isotopes will be held in 2012 at Harvard University, and is co-organised by Dan Schrag, Kate Dennis, Hagit Affek and Ben Passey.


Workshop program and abstracts:

A PDF version of the program with abstracts can be downloaded here. The program was the following:

Wednesday, August 10th 2011:


Presenter or moderator


8:30 AM

Registration and Coffee, room RSM 3.01

9:30 AM

Cédric John and Paul Dennis

Introduction to the meeting

10:00 AM

Hagit Affek (invited)

Carbonate Clumped Isotopes Thermometry: Equilibrium and Kinetic Effects

10:45 AM

Anna-Lena Grauel

Calibration and application of the ‘clumped-isotope’ thermometer to foraminifera for high-resolution climate reconstructions of the last 500 years from the Mediterranean Sea

11:05 AM

Morning coffee break

11:30 AM

Kate Dennis

The Climate of the Late Cretaceous: New Insights from the Application of the Clumped Isotope Thermometer to Western Interior Seaway macrofossils.

11:50 AM

Dan Petrizzo

A “Direct” Method for Measuring Δ47 in Calcitic Fossils Indicates Cold Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures During a Large Silurian δ13C Excursion

12:10 PM

Lunch provided with posters

2:00 PM

John Eiler (invited)

The clumped isotope geochemistry of carbonate apatite

2:45 PM

Michael T. Hren

Atmospheric PCO2 and Terrestrial Climate Change During the Eocene-Oligocene Transition

3:05 PM

Afternoon coffee break

3:30 PM

Kate Dennis

Discussion session 1: Reference frame for clumped isotopes

5:00 PM

Formal poster session

6:00 PM

Meeting adjourned

 Thursday, August 11th 2011:


Presenter or moderator


9:00 AM

Kyger C Lohmann (invited)

Perspectives on Mass-47 Clumped Isotope Analysis at the University of Michigan

9:45 AM

Kathryn Snell 

Geochemical and Mineralogical Consequences of Diagenesis of Aragonitic Fossil Bivalves 

10:05 AM

Isabel Millán

Temperatures of dolomitisation in the hydrothermal system of Asón Valley, Basque Country from carbonate clumped isotope thermometry

10:25 AM

Morning coffee break

11:00 AM

Ben Passey (invited)

Experimental studies of C-O bond reordering in calcite: Relevance to preservation and thermal history of carbonates

11:45 AM

Laurence Yeung

Progress Towards High-Precision Measurements of 17O18O and 18O2 in Natural Samples for Biogeochemical Applications

12:05 PM

Lunch provided with posters

1:30 PM

Mathieu Daëron 

Discussion session 2: Real precision of clumped isotopes measurements

3:00 PM

Cédric John

Discussion session 3: Clumped isotopes applied to non-climatic problems (diagenesis and beyond)

4:30 PM

Afternoon coffee break

5:00 PM

Paul Dennis

Discussion session 4: Technical roadmap for clumped isotopes (automation, new measuring techniques, etc…)

6:00 PM

Discussion on future meeting and formal end of the workshop

7:00 PM

Conference dinner (Queens Tower Room, Imperial College)

Registered participants have received an email with login details to access posted PDFs of talks and posters that were given at the workshop.