Former members of the carbonate group

This list contains the latest known address and position of former group members. If you have more up-to-date information, please let us know. Click on the person's name to visit their current webpage.

Name Former position Current position Last known address

Sunshine's picture
Dr Sunshine Abbott PhD Student (2012-2016)

Oxford, UK

qiA's picture
Dr Qi Adlan PhD students PhD student

4.93/8 fourth floor. RSM.

alialali's picture
Mr Ali Al Ali Msc student (2018-2019) Well Site Geologist

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

marya17's picture
Ms Marya Al-Salmi Msc student (2016-2017) Production Geologist

Petroleum Development Oman
Sultanate of Oman

sasodia14's picture
Mr Sameer Asodia Msc student (2014-2015)


Julia's picture
Dr Julia Beckert PhD student (2012-2016) N/A


harold_bradbury's picture
Mr Harold Bradbury Msci student (2012-2013) PhD student

University of Cambridge

mbreitman's picture
Ms Madelaine Breitman Msc student (2017-2018) Director of company

Buenos Aires

claudia_callard's picture
Claudia Callard Msci student (2017-2018) Geologist

BP International
Sunbury Business Park
Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex, TW16 7LN

Annabel's picture
Ms Annabel Dale PhD student (2011-2015) Petroleum geochemist at BP

BP International
Sunbury Business Park
Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex, TW16 7LN

ad1910's picture
Mr Assylzhan Dauletov Msc Student (2010-2011) Operational geologist

N-Operating company
8 mcrd., building 39В, 4th floor
Mangistau oblast
Republic of Kazakhstan

ameliadavies's picture
Dr Amelia Davies PhD Student (2014-2018) IBEX Specialist

Protium MS Ltd
Sci-Tech Daresbury
Keckwick Lane
WA4 4FS Daresbury, Cheshire
United Kingdom

sharand's picture
Sharan Dhami Post graduate student (2017-2018) Group Investors Relations Manager

Soco International
Green Park,
London, Uk

Anna Joy's picture
Dr Anna Joy Drury PhD student (2010-2013) Post doctoral researcher

Department of Earth Sciences
University College London
Gower Street
United Kingdom

charliee's picture
Ms Charlotte-Ellen Eales Msc student (2015-2016)


Pete's picture
Dr Peter Fitch Post doctoral research associate (2010-2012) and fellow (2012-2015) Senior teaching fellow

Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BP
United Kingdom

ggarfi17's picture
Dr Gaetano Garfi PhD student (2018-2021) Senior Analyst

Oil & Energy
Oxford, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom

mgusarevich14's picture
Maria Gusarevitch MPhil student (2015-2020) Geologist


nurul13's picture
Ms Nurul Hajibeigy Msci student (2016-2017) Geologist at Shell Malaysia


dhenry14's picture
Mr Delano Henry Msc student (2014-2015) PhD student

Kingston University, UK

adhipa17's picture
Dr Adhipa Herlambang PhD students (2017-2020) Geologist


Martin's picture
Dr Martin Hönig PhD Student (2012-2016) Project manager

Wessling GmbH
Kohlenstrasse 51-55
44795 Bochum

CarlJ's picture
Dr Carl Jacquemyn Post doctoral research associate (2014-2017) Post doctoral research associate

NORMS Group, department of ESE, Imperial College London

Kimberley's picture
Ms Kimberley Johnston† PhD Student (2012-2015)

Calgary, Canada

Anne-Lise's picture
Dr Anne-Lise Jourdan Post doc (2010-2012) Research Scientist and Lab Manager

Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility
Department of Geography, Pearson Building
Gower Street, London

sharinia's picture
Ms Sharinia Kanagandran Msc student (2017-2018) Geologist

Shell Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

fkhan's picture
Fazal Khan Msc ACSE student (2019-2020) Developer, London


Tobiask's picture
Dr Tobias Kluge Post doc (2012-2013) Research group leader

University of Heidelberg
Institut für Umweltphysik
Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
D-69120 Heidelberg

ikussanov's picture
Ilyas Kussanov Msc student (2017-2018) Wellsite geologist at KPO

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO)

thomasLB's picture
Dr Thomas Le Blévec PhD student (2015-2018) Sailor

Somewhere in the South Atlantic

mlisley15's picture
Matthew Lisley Msci student (2015-2016) Msci student


qingma's picture
Qing Ma Msc ACSE student (2019-2020) Developer and Geologist


JohnMacDonald's picture
Dr John MacDonald Post doc (2013-2015) Lecturer

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
Gregory Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

marta_m's picture
Dr Marta Marchegiano Post-doc (2019-2020) Post-doctoral fellow

Vrji University
Brussels, Belgium

tilden's picture
Mr Tilden McKean Msc student (2011-2012) Operational geologist

Vestre Svanholmen 1, Forus
4035 Stavanger

fmiddleton's picture
Ms Fiona Middleton Msci student (2014-2015) Undergraduate researcher

Imperial College London
Prince Consort Road
SW7 2BP, London

cmircescu14's picture
Mr Cristian Mircescu Msc student (2014-2015) PhD student


johannan's picture
Ms Johanna Navarrete Guerra Msc student (2015-2016) Application scientist

Schlumberger Equador

ap5215's picture
Ms Avni Patel Msci student (2018-2019) PhD Student

University of Calgary
Earth Science 118
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada

cpenny's picture
Claire Penny Msc student (2019-2020) Prospective PhD student


kirsty's picture
Ms Kirsty Poore Msci student (2011-2012) Engineer

CGL (Card Geotechnics Limited)
4 Godalming Business Centre
Woolsack Way, Godalming
Surrey GU7 1XW

Claire's picture
Dr Claire Sena PhD student (2010-2013) Exploration geologist

Shell New Ventures
Ex-USSR and Russia team
Canary Wharf, London

matt17's picture
Matt Simmons Msc student (2017-2018) Petroleum geologist

BP International
Sunbury Business Park
Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex, TW16 7LN

Manuela's picture
Ms Manuela Stehle PhD student (2010-2014) Geoscientist

German Federal Institute for Geosciences (BGR)
Wilhelmstr. 25-30
D-13593 Berlin

Veerle's picture
Dr Veerle Vandeginste Post doc (2009-2013) Assistant professor

University of Nottingham
School of Chemistry
University Park Nottingham, NG7 2RD

clairev's picture
Dr Claire Veillard PhD student (2015-2019) Geologist

Equinor SA
Onshore assets
Oslo, Norway

jwevill's picture
Ms Jessica Wevill Msc student (2018-2019) Geologist

85 Buckingham Gate

haiwei17's picture
Mr Haiwei Xi Msc student (2017-2018) PhD Student

Department of Earth Science and Engineering
University of Liverpool
United Kingdom