Clumped isotopes community


Who we are and what we do

The "Isotopologues in Diagenetic Environment And the Lithosphere" group (iDeal) is an international group of researchers interested in applying clumped isotopes to a wide range of geological problems that are mostly but not exclusively related to carbonate diagenesis and hydrothermal environments.

Some of the applications of clumped isotope geochemistry within the remits of the iDeal group include:

  • To study and understand paleo-fluid flow and carbonate cementation from sea-floor to subsurface
  • To study hydrothermal systems and high-temperature carbonate phases
  • To assess the potential use of clumped isotope as a tool to reconstruct the thermal history of basins
  • To assess the potential and limitations of clumped isotope applied to diagenesis: in particular, to what extent do pH, kinetic fraction, pressure, and diffusion affect clumped isotope data when applied to diagenesis.
  • Broadly speaking, to extend the application and calibration of clumped isotopes to a wider range of carbonate mineralogies and temperatures

The idea behind forming the group stems from the second international workshop on clumped isotopes, where it became clear that clumped isotopes had a wide range of applications for diagenesis and that this research would be facilitated if a dedicated network of affiliated researchers existed.

Specific goals of the iDeal Group

The purpose of the iDeal group is to serve as a platform to:
  • Encourage discussion and exchange of ideas between group members, thus promoting a greater degree of collaboration and coordination
  • In particular, coordinate laboratory calibration of clumped isotopes at a wide range of temperature and pressure, and for a suite of carbonate mineralogies typical of subsurface conditions. 
  • To facilitate contact between the academic community working on clumped isotopes and the community of applied researchers benefiting from these methods (such as the oil and gas community).
  • To promote and develop clumped isotopes as a technique for the study of geological problems within the lithosphere. 

    Member of the iDeal group have access to a dedicated forum to discuss problems related to the application of clumped isotopes to diagenesis, as well as a file sharing module and chatrooms. The organisation of the group is currently a topic of discussion and will be decided by group members in the near future.

  • Joining the iDeal Group

    The iDeal group is open to any researcher within academia or industry with an interest in clumped isotopes applied to diagenesis, hydrothermal phases or any other applications. Joining is free. This is a growing community, and all ideas and experiences are welcome. We are particularly keen on maintaining a balance of purely academic members and more applied members. 


    Follow the link below to become a member: JOIN the iDeal group.


    Contact us

    For further information, contact rhe current coordinator of the iDeal group:

    Dr. C├ędric John
    ESE Department, Imperial College London
    Exhibition Road
    SW7 2Bp, London, UK                                                Click here to send an email